April 8, 2011

Australia Eats!

Well, I've been back almost a full week now and it's about time I start blogging again!!! I feel so out of the loop in the blogging world, I have spent the last couple of days checking up on all my blogging buddies and friends on facebook!

I haven't really had a chance to cook anything new and exciting this week...so I though I would share with you some of the delicious meals I enjoyed while on the other side of the world...I wish I could tell you about them all...but there were just too many and some of them I didn't take pictures of...Do you ever feel weird about taking pictures of your food at a restaurant? I don't usually but when the restaurant is very dim inside...I feel kinda funny about it...so that is also why!

It all started in Beverly Hills. We had a ridiculously long layover at LAX, so I decided to hire a car and give us a quick tour of the LA area. It was about 2pm so we decided to have a late lunch and our driver recommended a fabulous Italian place called, Il Pastaio, and fabulous it was...and so was the people watching, but that's besides the point...They had quite possibly the BEST Carpaccio Di Tonno, tuna carpaccio, but it looked so delicious...I dug in before taking a picture even crossed my mind! Sorry!

What remains of my Mezzelune aka lobster ravioli..simply divine!
Mom's Cappellini

How cute are these salt & pepper shakers they had on the plane? I told the flight attendant on the flight home how adorable I though they were and he said I could take them! So, I snagged mine at dinner and then again at breakfast. I'm tellin ya. V Australia rocks!
So 16 hours later...we finally made it to Melbourne...and off we went!
Lunch at Cafe Andiamo, Degraves Street, Melbourne.
We shared chicken Parmesan and vegetable foccacia with a lovely salad!
Mint Chocolate Chip & Red Velvet Cupcakes
The Cupcake Bakery, Melbourne
Seriously DELISH! Good thing these do not exist where I live...or I would  be in trouble...
Goat cheese stuffed zucchini blossom...I will be attempting these this summer when zukes are everywhere!!!
ARIA Bar & Lounge
Langham Hotel
Melbourne, VIC
Belvedere Vodka & Hokusetsu Yura Yura Saki and shaken with fresh ginger and cucumber
Melbourne, VIC
Skinny Latte
Somewhere in Melbourne and many other places throughout the trip.
How adorable is the little heart?????
After Melbourne, we hopped on a plane and headed to Brisbane. We then drove down to Yamba. It takes about 3.5 hours total. So we stopped in Byron Bay along the way to have lunch...and do some shopping of course.

Gorgonzola Salad
My first introduction to poached eggs on a salad. I have been in love ever since!
The Balcony Bar & Restaurant
Byron Bay, NSW
It was SOOOO hot...so I had a Mint Julep to cool me off :)
We continued our journey south and made it to Angourie and Yamba...gorgeous beach towns so close together they could be one! First order of business...
Fish & Chips
Flake & Squid
Yamba Fish Market
Yamba, NSW
Absolutley DELISH!!!

We wandered around and stumbled upon a really cute kitchen store, Kitchen to Table, where I saw this...
And apparently that's a BARGAIN! 

Alas...the Big Brekky!!!
2 poached eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomato and 2 slices of delicious crispy toast
I have no idea what the name of this little joint was...but boy...was it good!
 We then flew to Sydney and headed to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, which was about a 90 minute drive from the airport. Unfortunalty, I only have one meal photo to post from here...
Kangaroo Burger...yes sir...kangaroo! Slightly tough...and had a mild game taste to it.
I cant think of the name of the restaurant....oops
Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW

And the last stop on our trip was Sydney...Oh Sydney...how you are my favorite city in the world. There is just something about being there that has a special feeling to me...anyways, we spent our last two days here...and savored every moment!

My Mom had...
Seafood Pie
Jordan's Seafood Restaurant
Darling Harbour
Sydney, NSW

And I had...
Fried Soft Shell Crab with Asian Greens
Jordan's Seafood Restaurant
Darling Harbour
Sydney, NSW
  And that is the last of the photo journey...I do want to mention a 2 spots where I did not take pictures...but had AMAZING meals.

Darley's at our hotel in the Blue Mountains...stunning old house transformed into an amazing restaurant. We did the 3 course menu and it was worth every penny...I probably can't spell half of the things we ate...so I won't bother trying but think...rabbit & beef cheek.
The Cut in Sydney...After all the fish I had been eating, I was ready for a good steak. The concierge at our hotel recommened this place, it was a mere two months old but he assured us it would not dissapoint...and it sure didn't...I had the house specialty...Wagyu Standing Rib, sliced right in front of my eyes and ate almost every bite...best.i've.ever.had...and my Mom had the Wagyu Filet and for someone who doesn't eat much steak...ate almost all of it.

Check out the door handles in the bathroom...

How COOl is that?!?!?!?!
Well...I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures in eating...I will be back to cooking this weekend!!!!!Pin It


Patti said...

Wow! What a trip you had - and I didn't even see the scenery! I would love to go on a culinary adventure! Happy you are back and hope you can join me this weekend for Easter Traditions!

Brandie said...

Dang - you are definitely a foodie! LOL. Loved looking at all the food pics and I loved the door handle..so funny!
I could have eaten all of that. Sounded like a fantastic trip!!

Haley @ The Girly Girl Cooks said...

I want to eat that goat cheese stuffed Zuchinni blossom and the seafood pie soooo bad! YUM!
I also feel weird taking food pictures at dim restaurants...which is a shame because those places always have the most beautiful dishes!

Wanna Be A Country Cleaver said...

Haley took the words about that stuffe zuchinni blossom right out of my mouth - that sounds so fresh and fantastic!!
And that door handle - I (sadly) don't think they sell that at our local Home Depot. Sad :(

Lori said...

It's 11pm, I'm laying in bed reading your blog and all of a sudden I'm starving. Hmm, wonder why. You had some amazing meals, even a few vegetarian options. Can't wait to hear how the zucchini blossoms turn out!!

sliceofsouthern said...

This trips looks amazing! And all the food...wow! Now I'm hungry! Thanks for posting such great cuisine from such unique locations!

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